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The 4 seasons of the belvedere here!

Every season in the Cantal is magical as they paint their own picture and shed incredible light on our landscapes…


Like anywhere, spring in Auvergne means new life in nature as the weather slowly warms up, the snow melts, plants sprout and blossom, hibernating animals wake up and some migratory species come back…In our regions it’s the transhumance season for taking cattle, sheep and goats to graze


When you think of summer you think of sunshine, heat, bright colours, rivers and streams bubbling in the great outdoors… The snow has thawed and the waterfalls burst from their untameable spring…It’s time for walks and hikes, swimming in the lakes and exploring protected and silent heritage… The evenings may be cool but we are in the mountains!!! Chill out with a drink and a laugh as you put the world to rights during relaxed and friendly conversation… Come August, it’s time to harvest blueberries, gentian and honey.

summer belvedere camping auvergne


The colours change again, the landscapes transform from bright to bronze, the sun sits lower and shines on the kaleidoscope of colour below… The leaves begin to fall, the temperatures start to drop… It’s time to harvest the apples and chestnuts… It’s time to pull on your boots and forage for mushrooms, girolles, ceps and boletes in the undergrowth… Autumn is mating season for the king of the forest so at dawn or dusk, you’ll hear the stag roar as he attempts to attract new mates and jealously watches over his pack of thirty deer.


The perfect season for quality family time, relaxing and getting back to nature. The Cantal pulls on its snowy coat and turns into a winter wonderland with skiing, snowshoeing and magic… We’ll see you for another fun-filled season!!! By a roaring fire whilst we wait for Father Christmas …

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