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Campsite Auvergne » Camping by the river

Campsite Auvergne on the banks of the river

The Truyère River

In south of Massif central, you find the depart of valley Lot-Truyère, with 560 kms who are going to the alantic ocean.
The Truyère is the point of depart of Vallée du Lot. We can discover it in his natural part the Margeride, and this water fall down in the lake of Grandval, more known with his exception built : the Viaduc of Garabit.
This major built of Mr Eiffel, was built with the eiffel tour and take exactly the same architectural bases of our more beautiful national monument in Paris.
We find on the lake of grandval, an exceptionnel area for the boats, for nautic sports and sealing, but also a supervised beach.

camping auvergne riverside
gorges of the bes camping auvergne

Then after the barrage of Grandval, the river la Truyère fall down in lake of Lanau, where we are.
After 13 kms of sealing navigation, starting at 400 meters from the campsite, this site is exceptionnel because the only acces on it, is by the water. In fact, no walking circuit, no roads, the acces to the islands on the lake will project you in a protected space « Natura 2000 ».
Early in the mornings, you will can see the bigs animals drinking in the lake, deers and hinds, but also the hawk flying in their area Milan, royal Milan, couple of Balbuzards, if you look in the sky.

Grandval dam - Auvergne campsite

Activities and leisure

A day on the lake with canoë

Start at the nautic base… with your family picnic on the island in the middle of the lake of Lanau, and little swim if you fall dawn into the river, it’s happening ! take care, she can be fresh…

The river La Truyère retake his circuit just after the barrage of Lanau, the campsite is situated up the lake, and from our terrass we can also have a look on the lake but also on the valley discovering the river in his natural part.
To discover it, a little walking at the end of our village, can walk along the banks of the river for few kilometers before this river fall down into the lake of Sarrans.

Real natural heritage

Under the « Sites de France », the lakes of Grandval and Lanau are engaged in a classification procedure which, it is hoped, will result in two to three years.


This will allow our future generations to preserve these exceptional sites in their present form, preserving in a sustainable and sustainable way the biodiversity of this very beautiful department of Cantal.

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