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Put down your suitcases at Le Belvédère campsite and look around. This haven of peace is yours for a few days, a week or more…explore a region with a wealth of heritage and fabulous sites oozing nature, history and tradition. Here are just a few things to see and do in a 50km radius.

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Saint-Flour is a thousand year old town and the historic capital of the Haute-Auvergne founded in the 4th century. Wander along its medieval streets which reflect its fascinating past: fortified doors and rampart relics, cathedral, episcopal palace now home to the Haute-Auvergne Museum, Alfred Douet Art and History Museum and more. Its stones and landmarks radiate history.

Viaduc de Garabit

The majestic wrought iron Garabit Viaduct was built by Gustave Eiffel between 1880 and 1884 to bridge the Truyère. It has been standing for over 120 years and inspires admiration in locals and visitors alike as they take to the roads through the valle

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Château d’Alleuze sits on a peak which the Grandval dam almost makes into a peninsula. The fortress belonged to the Bishop of Clermont and was used as a tithe storehouse. Just a few dozen metres from the château you’ll find a beautiful medieval chapel and its way of the cross

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La Truyère

The Truyère, a tributary of the Lot, has dug deep gorges over the centuries from Cantal to Aveyron. Filled with the waters of the Garabit-Grandval, Lanau and Sarrans dam lakes, the Truyère gorges offer landscapes of surprising and contrasting beauty.


Chaudes-Aigues is the most southerly resort in Auvergne and radiates warmth. Nestled between the Cantal Mountains, Margeride and Aubrac in the Remontalou ravine, Chaudes-Aigues is best-known for its thermal waters which come out at 82°C making them the hottest in Europe.

chaudes aigues camping auvergneDiscover Chaudes-Aigues

The aquatic spa centre is the ultimate place to unwind and unleash your inner water baby in a Scandi setting. Recharge your batteries in Europe’s hottest waters. The indoor pool has a thermal water lagoon (32°C), waterfalls, geyser bubbles, massage jets etc. Turkish bath, sauna and hot tub.

Pont suspendu

This suspension bridge spans the Truyère and was built at the same time as the Sarrans Dam in 1934 and 1935. The Sarrans Dam was completely empty last summer and revealed an old stone bridge beneath, listed as a Monument Historique and built by the English in the 14th century to cross the Truyère.

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These spectacular gorges lie in one of the most untamed areas within the high plateaus of Aubrac and Margeride. They are home to a wide variety of landscapes and rare species such as the peregrine falcon in its rocky coves.

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Le Plomb du Cantal

Plomb du Cantal is the highest point of the Cantal Mountain range. Its 1855m peak makes it the second highest in the Massif Central after Puy de Sancy.


Aurillac may straddle the mountain and South of France but its relaxed lifestyle and warm atmosphere means it is in no way the cold town that the weather forecast describes it as! Its history, Jordanne river banks and age-old shops are worth a visi

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Gorges de la Jordanne

The Gorges de la Jordanne are mysterious beauties carved into the volcanic rock over the centuries… They’re up to 60m deep and surrounded by rocks, plants and river!


The fortified town of Salers stands at an altitude of 950m with a wealth of heritage sites making it a must-visit in the region. Its unique 16th century mansions and volcanic stone roof houses give the village a rugged charm.

Auvergne Tourist Sites
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Puy Mary

The 1787m high Puy Mary is a true pyramid in the sky. The Cantal Mountain range’s incredible landscapes formed by volcanic eruptions and glacier erosion make up the biggest volcano in Europe (2700km²)

puy mary camping auvergne
Vallée de l’Allagnon camping auvergne

Vallée de l’Allagnon

The picturesque valley is worth a detour as you follow the Alagnon River running 70km through lush scenery from the Cantal Mountains to Saut du Loup in Puy de Dôme. A trip back in time in the great outdoors…


This fortified town is framed by three basalt rock peaks and was one of the busiest in the 14th century with fairs, markets and crafts. The small industrial centre is now a Cantal tourist hot spot. Not to be missed: 17th century houses with basket-handle arches on columns, beautifully covered in flagstone and typical of local buildings

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Musée de l’Agriculture

The Museum of Agriculture is a hidden gem in the quaint village of Coltines. Over the seasons you’ll learn about local life in beautiful 17th century farm. Exciting, fun and educational.

Parc zoologique d’Arde sur Couze

Arde sur Couze wildlife park (Puy de Dôme) is teeming with animals that live at altitude. The 25ha park is home to 400 animals, 70 species from 5 continents. What a thrill it is to walk among the monkeys and Alpine ibexes… a lovely afternoon out and a treat for the kids!!!

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