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Le Cantal en Auvergne

The volcanic Cantal mountain range peaks at an altitude of 1858m on the Plomb du Cantal in the centre of the Cantal department. The Puy Mary looks like a flattened cone carved into widespread and deep valleys which unfurl from its geographical centre (1785m).

The must-see in Cantal

Mountain hiking
The ridges are teeming with footpaths so inexperienced or ill-equipped hikers can experience the joys of the mountain and the great outdoors.

The mountain landscape is bursting with water be it springs, white water or streams. It gives the landscape colour and life. Feel the power of nature as the waterfalls cascade from the huge rocks.

Visit the Cantal, the biggest volcano in Europe, in the heart of Volcanoes Park via the Margeride, Planèze and Aubrac plateaus as you explore the Alagnon, Cère, Brezons, Bès and Truyère valleys with its three great lakes.

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Cantal cheese
Cantal is traditionally made in stone huts on the mountain. There are usually three men in charge of making the cheese in summer: the shepherd watching his flock, the cowherd overseeing the cheese making and the cowhand.

cantal camping auvergneDiscover Le cantal
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An incredible natural setting home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Salers cattle
Salers cattle has style with its tall stature, curvy horns, mahogany coat and wavy hair. Salers is an Auvergne dairy and meat cattle breed.

La Salers camping auvergneDiscover la Salers

Other points of interest in the Cantal around the campsite

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