Region Auvergne

Trips, Culture and Heritage:

Farms and local producers (10km), wildlife parks (80km): Trailus Reserve (40km), European Bison Reserve (40km), Gévaudan Wolf Park (35km). Stone huts, inns and gourmet restaurants. Countless festivals. Cantal villages, Roman churches and châteaux… SAINT-FLOUR (20km): Saint-Pierre Cathedral, Haute-Auvergne Museum, Alfred Drouet Art and History Museum, SALERS (66km): remarkably well preserved medieval village, CHAUDES-AIGUES (5km): thermal water spring and spa resort. Geothermal Museum. Bonnestrade prehistoric site (10km), MARGERIDE open-air museum (40km), JAVOL archaeological site (30km) (ancient capital of Gévaudan), Megalith heritage: dolmens, menhirs, tumulus, sculpted stones…Beautiful natural sites: Gorges de la Truyère (1km), Puy Mary (50km), Plomb du Cantal (50km), Plateau d’Aubrac (15km) and more.